Hi there! Welcome to Events. 

Our Boys & Girls are here to help. 

At Our Boys & Girls, we understand how important the details are when planning the perfect event. From the entertainment, to the food, to the timing on the day – we know it’s the details that take an event from meh to marvellous.


So who’s managing your details?

Our Boys & Girls will ensure your event puts its best face forward – in every possible sense of the word.

It’s true, Our Boys & Girls are easy on the eye, but what truly sets us apart from the rest, is our collective experience and professionalism. Boasting an in-house team with experience across media, public relations, events and marketing – we know there’s much more to hospitality than simply dishing out the food and drink!

A stunning event hinges upon creating an atmosphere, setting a tone, understanding a crowd, knowing how to deliver, and when to dazzle. 


So how can Our Boys & Girls help you?

Let us count the ways…
• Wait Staff
• Bar Staff
• Cocktail Staff
• Kitchen Hand / Food Preparation Staff
• Hosts
• Supervisors
• Door Staff
• Security