So you've got something to tell?

Hi there! Welcome to Promotions. Our Boys & Girls are here to help. 

At Our Boys & Girls, we believe in lasting impressions. We pride ourselves on ensuring your message is delivered cleverly, consistently, and confidently by stunning Boys & Girls who just happen to be blessed in both the looks and conversation departments.

It’s true, Our Boys & Girls are the package deal by no coincidence. Boasting an in-house team with experience across media, public relations, events and marketing – each have been hand picked for their abilities and strengths to ensure maximum impact, and the perfect personality mix every time.

But what truly sets us apart from the rest is credibility. Simply put, Our Boys & Girls are intelligent and clever operators. 


So how can Our Boys & Girls help you?

Let us count the ways…

• Brand Ambassadors
• Promotions Staff
• Promotions Models
• Hosts
• Themed / Character Staff
• Experiential Marketing Activations
• Product Sampling
• Ambush Marketing
• Tour Managers